Concept Development: Wellbee

Frost wins innovation procurement from Karlstad Municipality

Karlstad selected Frost as the entrepreneur to build a modern tool for people with cognitive difficulties. The innovation project was won competing with 40 other agencies. Frost has taken the concept from a functional specification to the best product on the market with around 20 municipalities and a growing customer base.

Wellbee is a digital tool to help/assist people with cognitive difficulties that need support in order to have clarity in their daily life. By using Wellbee people with cognitive disabilities have the opportunity to be more self-sufficient and independent.

The tool manages daily planning with a calendar function, checklists, contacts, timers etc to create predictability and security for the users.

In 2020 Frost adds very user-friendly communication features to Wellbee, preparing the start-up to go to the consumer market and launch internationally.